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Additional Practice Areas

1. Modification of Final Judgement 

There are times when a final judgment entered in a family law matter is no longer practical or otherwise needs to be adjusted. Courts have the power to modify child support, alimony and child custody. The threshold question is whether there has, in fact, been an actual change in the circumstance of the parties since the entry of the final judgment sought to be modified.  For example, one of the spouses has lost his or her job, and alimony payments are just not possible. Or maybe, due to a child’s changing educational needs, custody arrangements need to be revisited. Or maybe a parent received a significant and unexpected raise, and child support needs to be recalculated. Whatever your changed circumstances, Collaborative Family Law & Mediation, LLC will guide you through the process of modification of a final judgment.You may also want to visit our alimonychild custody, and child support pages.


Are you interested in a private, healthier process which keeps your personal and financial information out of the public courtroom? Learn how the Collaborative Family Law model can be used in your modification case.

2. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

Many people have specific legal needs but do not want to spend the money on a full service attorney. At Collaborative Family Law & Mediation, LLC, we practice exclusively in out-of-court dispute resolution, which means that we can tailor a la carte services to fit your particular needs. Below are examples of unbundled legal services that we provide:


A Simplified  Dissolution of Marriage.


Preparation of Marital Settlement Agreement.


Drafting a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Orders and Final Judgment.

3. Alimony

4. Equitable Distribution