Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled Legal Services 

Many people have specific legal needs but do not want to spend the money on a full service attorney. At Collaborative Family Law & Mediation, LLC, we practice exclusively in out-of-court dispute resolution, which means that we can tailor a la carte services to fit your particular needs.


Below are examples of unbundled legal services that we provide:

  • Drafting a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Orders and Final Judgment;

  • Responding to a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage;

  • Appearing with you at Mediation;

  • Engaging in Direct Negotiations with your Spouse or the Other Attorney;

  • Filling out Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms

  • Responding to Discovery Requests;

  • Researching Legal Issues;

  • Providing Legal Guidance and Advice;

  • Preparing a Marital Settlement Agreement

  • Reviewing a Marital Settlement Agreement;

  • Coaching You to Represent Yourself in Court; and

  • Appearing with You at an Uncontested Final Hearing.

Whatever your out-of-court legal needs, we can help create a plan that is right for you.

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